Sushi King RM2 Bonanza

>> Friday, October 23, 2009

As usual, Sushi King will have Sushi King RM2 Bonanza especially for their members twice a year. The first one for 2009 was on 20-23 April 2009 for members in East Malaysia and the second one will be on 20-23 October, which is this Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Every member can bring a maximum of 5 people only. All rice-based sushi on kaiten belt will be charged only for RM2 during these 4 days. So, go and eat as much as you can. XD. By the way, if you are at West Malaysia, the promotion was on 13-16 October, meaning that it is over.

So, yesterday I went there with 5 of my friends.



>> Friday, October 16, 2009

Just now, went to 山河日本料理 to have a dinner. 7.30 I reached there with a friend, go in, sit down, and noticed that we are the first to arrive. So, I called my friend who is also coming. But luckily, he did not pick up the phone. So, I called another friend and surprisingly, he say he is not coming. OMG, put plane while others already reached. Kaupeh... Then, the friend I called at the first time called me back. Luckily he did not pick up the phone when I call him, else I wouldn't have call the second friend.
Then, this is a slice of cake for me from my friend. Thanks LJ, the cake is very nice.
This is part of our food.This is mine. I think it is something call bologi set or whatever, I forgot it's name. The taste, is ok. This is not my drink and I also not sure what it is. HAHA.After the dinner, we play with our cameras.This is a row of "sake?" bottle located near our table. I try to make something artistic out of it. XD.

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