Blue Lagoon BBQ Steamboat Buffet Dinner

>> Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last night, at this hour, I was at Blue Lagoon, Riverside Majestic, Kuching, having steamboat.
At first, I thought that it would be a great steamboat experience. This is because it cost RM46 per person and besides, it is located in a high class hotel. But in the end, it turned out to be the otherwise.

Before we start eating, I took some pictures.
This is my table and my steamboat.
However, something unexpected, unacceptable, and disgusting happened after the waiter pour in the soup and turn on the gas. Look at the pictures below and you will know.
What was the disgusting thing that appears when the plate was heated? I knew that it was the hardened charred leftovers that were not well cleaned. So, angrily, I asked a waiter to come and asked him what it was. He told me that it was oil that was too hot. But of course, I am not that stupid. So, I took a fork and scratch on the "oil" bubbles and called another waiter that was near. I tell him: "Just now, I ask another waiter what is this and he said it is oil. But if this is oil, then what are these hard, black things? If we eat this, we will die. I want you to change this for me."

WTF!? He says if there is anything, I can talk to his manager. So, I said: "OK, ask your manager come."

But later, he came back and took my steamboat away, and I never saw his manager. So funny. Then, after a very long time, he returned my steamboat back to the stove and turn on the gas again. After that, the so called "oil" never appears again. So, did the first waiter tried to cheat me?
Then, I went to grab my food. Firstly, I took some cakes to eat. The cakes taste great.
Then, I went to take the steak, fish steak, and lamb chop to eat. The fish steak was not so terrible.
But you know what? The steak and lamb chop were really tasteless and worst still, most of them, especially the lamb chop, were like rubber. No matter how we chewed, we find it hard for us to swallow them. So, there they were.
Then, I went to look for the raw food to cook and fry. But sadly, there were not much things for me to choose from. Besides some vegetables shown below, most of the raw foods were junk food like chicken hot dog, beef hot dog, crab ball, fish ball, squid or prawn ball, and fish stuffed “siew mai”. All these are full of chemicals and preservatives. How to eat? At first, I thought the "siew mai" were hand made. So I took a lot and that was the only thing that I took. But only after I bit it, then I noticed that it is also processed food. But what can I do? Already cooked, so have to eat.
Of course, there were some real meat like fish, prawn, squid, chicken, and beef for me to fry. But after going through all the above situations, I have no mood to fry anymore. Actually, by just looking at the pictures, you will notice that not only me, but most of my friends have no mood to fry. And this is the first time I eat steamboat, but the frying pan is empty. The most that we ate was vegetables. But there were some concerns as well, for example, are the vegetables free of pesticides?
Around 10.30p.m, we went home. On my way to my car, I took some pictures again.
If the management of Blue Lagoon saw my post, will they sue me for defamation? I hope not. But if they do, I have more then twenty people to support me. Besides, they shouldn't blame me for writing this post as all that I have written here are the truth and it is only my own opinion towards them. Furthermore, I never say that all people must have the same opinion like me. Instead, I suggest you to try it out for yourselves to see if I had state the truth.

So chicken huh? lol. Of course la. Scare being sue also ma. Blue Lagoon management, if you no like my post here, then tell me lo. Then I delete this post lo. Don't sue me la. Give me a chance first ma.

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