Rainforest World Music Festival 9 - 11 July 2010

>> Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rainforest World Music Festival 2010

Show Details:
Date: 9 - 11 July 2010 (Fri, Sat & Sun)
Time: Doors open at 10am till after 12am
Venue: Sarawak Cultural Village, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Seating arrangement: Free standing
Stalls available: Food, beverages & souvenirs.
*Shuttle service available from major hotels. Please check schedule at www.rainforestmusic-borneo.com one month before the event.

Ticket Information:
Ticket prices:
Type of tickets
Child (3 - 12 y/o)
1-day Pass (Fri/Sat/Sun)
RM 110
RM 55
3-day Pass*
*not available at venue
RM 300*
(50 pcs only!!)
RM 150*
Note: Additional 3% bank charges apply for payments made through credit card.
Limited tickets at venue, please get your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

To get tickets, please visit http://eclipsecomm.net/booking.html or call +6016-6881119/+603-77293829.
Please note ticket prices during the event:-
1-day Pass (adult) – RM 120.00
1-day Pass (child) – RM 65.00
The cut-off date for sale of 3-day passes has been set on 25 June 2010 after which only daily passes will be on-sale. Limited quantities!!. First come, first served basis.
Ticket booth @ venue opens from 9 - 11 July 2010 - 10am - 10pm
Corporate Hospitality: Bulk tickets only. Please email rwmf@eclipsecomm.net

Show Regulations:
* Doors open from 10am till late night.
* No outside food and beverages allowed.
* Please beware of tickets sold by unauthorised agents.
* No cancellations, refunds or exchanges.

Map of Sarawak Culture Village:

For further inquiries:
Sarawak Tourism Board
Tel: +6082-423600
Fax: +6082-416700
Address: 6th & 7th Floor, Yayasan Sarawak Building, Jalan Masjid, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Email : sarren@sarawaktourism.com
Website : www.sarawaktourism.com www.rainforestmusic-borneo.com http://eclipsecomm.net


Satang Island

>> Thursday, June 3, 2010

Satang Island, a hidden paradise located off the coast of Kuching City in the state of Sarawak that is not polluted by the degenerated human civilization. There are 2 Satang Island - one is Satang Kecil Island, another is Satang Besar Island. Satang Kecil Island has no tourist attraction and is very small, so we are now talking about Satang Besar Island.

Satang Besar Island is owned by the descendants of Datu Patinggi Abang Haji Abdillah Bin Datu Bandar Abang Haji Muhammad Kassim.

The island is surrounded by crystal clear sea water and you can hardly see any rubbish around.

Thus, you can snorkel and swim amidst the colorful coral reefs and marine life of Satang.
Since the island is not too big, you can round it in less than 3 or 4 hours, depending on your equipment and speed. Some simple snorkeling equipment is provided. It is a perfect snorkeling spot for those who like it. Of course, you can also surf or fish. The surfing board are provided, but the fishing rod is not.

Besides that, Satang Besar Island is also a conservation and hatchery area for the green back turtle.
Between May and October, the island is the perfect time for green turtles to come ashore and lay their eggs at the island. Satang Besar Island and its surrounding waters are protected as a sanctuary for these endangered turtles. After 5.30pm every day, tourists are no longer allowed to go down to the beach anymore. This is the time the turtle might start to come ashore and lay their eggs. If you stay at the beach, you might scare the turtle away. If you are lucky, you might see the turtle. However, the turtle only come if the sand is dry and there is no rain. So if there is rain, you most probably would not see any turtle.

So now, how can you go to Satang Besar Island? First of all, you need to go to Telaga Air fisherman village.

From there, you take a 30 minutes boat ride, passing through fishing villages, mangrove swamps and some other smaller Islands.
And because of the fascinating view along the route, you would not notice how fast the 30 minutes go by.

At Satang Besar Island, these are what you will see.

Of course, you can see the sunset too.

And if there is sunset, of course there is sunrise.

Finally, after 2 days 1 night, it will be time for you to go home. There is no specific time for you to check out. But it is recommended that you leave before 3pm. This is because the weather condition might be unstable when it gets late.

The boatman will bring you circle the island once before they send you home. As for the view around the island, I will not post it here. If you want to see the view of the whole island, you will have to check it out yourself, by going there.

Extra information
1. The fee for the trip will be RM 75.00 for 2 days 1 night.
2. Kitchen, toilets and bathrooms are available.
3. Electricity are provided from 6pm until the the oil in the generator runs out.
4. There are 5 rooms/house for you to stay, but you better bring your own sleeping bag for better sleep at night. Mosquitoes and insects are around. But actually, everything will be fine as well without a sleeping bag.
5. You can BBQ, provided that you bring your own food, mesh wire, and charcoal.

Map of Telaga Air Village:

Map of Satang Besar Island:
For further inquiries:
HP: +6010-9749774 (Abol)

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