Kubah National Park

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today, I am going to introduce to you, the "Kubah National Park" @ "Gunung Serapi". It is somewhere near Matang, Kuching.

First of all, this is the main entrance to the park. Saw the hut behind the gate? That is the guard house, and also the place you pay for the entrance fee, and the place you call for help, if you need any. The entrance fee for adult is RM 10, student is RM 5, children I no ask. lol. After you have parked your car, made your payment, and get your tickets, you can start your walk. Do not throw away you tickets as you can use it to enter Matang Wildlife Centre to see some wild animals there.

Just besides the car park, you will see this big sign board. It is the map of the whole park. You should take a photo in front of it.

Not far from it, you will see this welcoming sign board. Note that this sign board is located inside the gate, after the big map above.

We reached there at 0905 and started our journey at 0913.

The first thing that you will see should be these, the turtle pond and orchid garden. However, I can't find any turtle or orchid. lol.

There are many trials for visitor to walk. And the trial that we choose is of course the longest one, the summit trial.

After the sign board, you will see this houses. These are the guest house and staff house.

At 0924, we reached 400ft. Why take so long? Haha, take pictures ma.

Then higher up, you will see this natural frog pond.

Next, you will see this waterfall trial. If you walk on this trial, you will reach a beautiful waterfall. It should take you not more than 1 hours 30 minutes to reach the waterfall.

At 1020, we reach here, one of the few hut available for people to rest. Saw the carving on the wood? Find out yourselves what it is if you want to know. XD.

Walk, walk, walk ah walk. Walk up to the top.

The last hut before arriving at the summit.

The last section of the whole trial. Ganbatte! You can do it.

Finally, we reached the top. The time is 1148. Took us almost 3 hours. lol. Take photos ma.

This is the telecommunication tower. That's mean you don't have to worry about losing contact with the outside world. Your hand phone will most of the time have signal.

Next, going to the observation tower. The view there are really great, especially when you stand on the top of the tower.

What are the cloths that are hanged around the tower? I am not so sure. But they look something like "Fu".

Look at the view, so great. Of course, this is only a part of the whole view. If you would like to see the whole view, you will have to go and see it yourselves. By the way, the weather up here is really great. It's windy and cool. You can always fell the cool breeze.

After enjoying ourselves up there, we went down at 1237. We went down early because there are some other people who want to use the tower. What to do?

Last but not least, this is the office. We reached here at 1348. But remember, you don't have to go here. After we took our bath, we went to Matang Wildlife Centre, using the same tickets. Will blog about it soon.

Extra information
1.Waterfall Trail - 1hr 30mins
2.Rayu Trail - 3hrs 30mins
3.Main Trail - 1hr 15mins
4.Selang Trail - 1hr
5.Summit Trail - 3hrs 30mins
6.Belian Trail - 40mins
(All time consumed for one way trip)

Customer service center - 082-845033
CSA - 014-8994030(Dominic)

1. Trekkers are advised to watch out for bees, wasps, allergy plants and dead branches.
2. Look for an open area during heavy thunderstorm.


Absolute Lounge & KTV

>> Friday, February 19, 2010

Since I am a bit free recently, I will now introduce to you this "absolute".
Absolute, as you can see on its signboard, is a lounge, and also a KTV. That's mean, you can drink and sing here.

Actually, it is divided into two sections, and there are two doors. One section is a bar, and another section is a KTV. However, there are connected in the inside. I did not get a shoot on the lounge because there were peoples drinking inside and I don't dare to shoot. Moreover, I do not drink so I don't actually like linger around the bar corner. Besides, peoples were drinking and smoking there, and I hate both. But this is the picture of the counter of the KTV. Nice?

Next, let's look at the room. This is our room. I mean we sang at this room. I think it is room 6 or something. Haha. Quite a big one. And the most important thing is, the charges is cheap. Monday to Friday, excluding public holiday I think, sing from 12p.m to 6p.m only RM15. And if you bring your valid student card, you only have to pay RM10.

The door. lol.

Next, the menu. Not clear huh? Go check it out yourselves then.

Now, the address. I actually had a name card but I threw it during Chinese New Year cleaning. So, what I have now is only the address and the phone number, no map.

Address: Lot 4434-4436, Ground Floor, Jalan Tawi Sli, 93250, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel No: 082-573111

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