Wow Book to be launched at Boulevard Shopping Mall

>> Friday, January 1, 2010

Wow Book is the first charity discount book in Kuching and will be launched in Boulevard Shopping Mall, Kuching on 2/1/10 at 2pm. Besides launching Wow Book on that day, its official web site, will be launched too. Make sure you are there as there are a lot of free gifts will be given out to you! And if you are a fan of Kenny Sia, you should go there too as you should be able to see him there. He is the ambassador for the book.

Wow Book is published by Borneo WOW Connection and each book cost RM25. For every book sold, Borneo WOW Connection will donate RM5 to the charity. Besides that, the first 1000 customers who buy the book will get extra gift or discount voucher from L'Oreal, Manhattan Fish Market, Crystal Bowl and, Secret Garden.

All together, there are 108 companies who participate in this book, including 42 catering, 22 retailers, 27 services, 11 entertainments and 6 tourism related organizations.

So don't miss the chance to get all the good stuff and be there on time. The following are the events that will take place tomorrow:

Opening by Ballroom Dancing x 1


~Welcome speech by Director
~ Speech by Kenny Sia

Launching of Wow Book

3 - 4pm
~ Ballroom Dancing x 1
~ Game – Bun eating competition x 3/4 groups
~ Game – Q&A regarding book & merchants
~ Game – Spicy Noodle eating competition
Baker’s Talk
Life Cafe
4 - 5pm
Paintball Competition
Sentosa Paintball
Fashion & dance show by Rock shop
Rock Shop
Hair show by Crowning Glory
Crowning Glory

These are the events for 3/1/2010, Sunday.

2pm - 4pm

~ Opening by dancing x1

~ Game – Eating Competition

~ Game – Q&A regarding book & merchants

~ Dancing x 1

~ Game - Q&A regarding book & merchants

Chicago 7

4pm - 5pm

Fitness Show by Level Up Fitness

Level Up Fitness


Donation (Cheque Presentation)


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